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Gwen Bui

Gwen Bui

Vice President - Valuations California

Ms. Bui joined Pathway in 2021 and is the vice president of valuations. She reports to the valuation committee and oversees the work performed by the valuation team. Her responsibilities include reviewing and preparing valuation analyses and reports; conducting company, industry, and market research; leading valuation team development; analyzing and monitoring co-investments and their performance; and generating co-investment client reports.

Prior to joining Pathway, Ms. Bui worked as a senior associate in the alternative investment and manager selection group of Goldman Sachs & Co., where she was responsible for overseeing the valuation function of co-investment and minority GP stake investment strategies. In this capacity, she established the process, partnered with valuation vendors, and reviewed and approved valuation reports on a quarterly basis. Previously, she oversaw the hedge fund performance team, in which role she was responsible for performance measurement and attribution analysis, developing customized performance reports, and leading various strategic initiatives. Ms. Bui received a BS in finance from Brigham Young University.

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