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Pathway Makes Four Senior Promotions
August 2022
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Pathway is pleased to announce that Bryan Nelson and Stefan Goettl have been promoted to Director and have become owners in the firm, and that Valerie Ruddick and Matt Lugar, both Managing Directors, have been named as co-heads of Pathway’s primary investing practice.

The promotion of Bryan and Stefan brings the total number of owners of Pathway to 23. Bryan joined Pathway in 2011 and is a senior member of Pathway’s co-investment team. Stefan joined Pathway in 2010. He is a senior member of the London office and a member of Pathway’s infrastructure team and also plays a leadership role in Pathway’s ESG efforts.

Valerie joined Pathway in 1996 and is a member of various Pathway committees, including the firm’s Investment Committee, Portfolio Construction Committee, and Diversity & Inclusion Committee. Matt joined Pathway in 2002, is based in the firm’s Rhode Island office, and serves on various Pathway committees, including the Investment Committee. Valerie and Matt also co-manage the firm’s Target Funds team, which oversees Pathway’s proactive investment origination efforts.